rufunsa girls technical secondary school

Excellence and Discipline 


our school provides the best hostel and accommodation to our learners

About Us

Rufunsa Girls Technical secondary school was opened in 2013. Since then the school has proven to be a school of excellence by producing the best results academically and competing at national level. Our Teachers focus on producing a RARE Graduate relevant to society needs 

We have various partners in the success of a girls Childs education such as the Ministry of Education, Parents, Teachers, The community, NGO’s and Many other institution 

We follow the syllabus prepared by the Curriculum Development Center, and our exams are prepared by the Examination Council of Zambia ECZ

We have sports that includes Football, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball and Indoor Games and many other sports discipline 

Our school has a piggery, we also have both Kroilers and broilers, we also have one of the biggest fishponds 

Our school has 25 teachers on government payroll and 2 on PTA board


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Youth day

12 March 2022

Rufunsa District 


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Number of Teachers 


Number of Subjects 


Years Experience

What's happening

Our School has a number of activities such as JETS, NASAZ, Sports, Debate and Many other activities 

Social Science


Our girls participate in JETS and Last year we had three girls represents the school in various categories.

Climate Change

Home Economics

We have practical subjects such as Home Economics, Design and Technology, ICT, Science 

Community Outreach

Our Environment

We have a well structured learning environment, Our surroundings are clean and conducive for Learning, Teaching and studying 

Your Future Starts Here.

Your we believe that your future starts here, were we equip you with the best learning, experience and culture. Come to our school and See the girls compete to improve the standards of leaving by proving the best solution